Friday, February 22, 2013

Mr America the Leonberger does the NEW YORKIE RUNWAY SHOW

Mr America strutted his stuff around at the most popular Doggie Fashion show in Manhattan. The New Yorkie Runway show always bring the most exciting moments with NYC top dogs. Here is Mr America in his original designed outfit from Hec-Lin Couture.

Mr America the Leonbeger in the Doggie and Tiaras Pageant

Mr America poses for the cameras with Mom at the Doggie and Tiaras Doggie Pageant in the New Yorker Hotel in NYC.

Mr America does the Pre Westminster Fashion Show in NYC

Hete's Mr America on the Red Carpet at the Pennsylvania Hotel in NYC. He was in the fantastic fashion show modeling his original outfit made by Roberto.

MICK FOLEY meets Mr America the Leonberger

Mr America meets the great WWF star Mick Foley. Mick said he likes big dogs and Mr America fits the mold.

AL ROKER meets Mr America the Leonberger....

Al Roker fell in love with Mr America....Al gave Mr A an autogragh and Mr A gave lots of Leo love.