Thursday, June 7, 2012

Keith Hernandez played Ball with Chewee.

Keith and Chewee are buddies. Chewee can't wait to play ball with him again.

Ricki Lake rolls around with Chewee!

Ricki Lake fell in love with Chewee. She hugged and kissed him all night. Chewee thought she was really sweet and kept kissing her.

Chewee wins BEST IN SHOW at NYC Fashion Show!

Fashion Institute of Technology has their annual DOGGIE FASHION SHOW and Chewee WINS!!!! Chewees clothing designer Dawn made him a Harley Davison jacket that was breath taking! Here's Chewee on the runway winning the "Best in SHOW AWARD"!

Dee Snider wants Chewee to come and jam with his band!

Chewee and Dee Snider bonded instantly. They both had a fantastic time together.