Friday, May 20, 2011

OLIVER TWIST Opening NIGHT!!! 5/21/11

Opening night for Oliver Twist is tomorrow night. Chewee has rehearsed his part and knows what he has to say and do on stage. Now, all he has to do is get the audience to beleive his character is real. He will be barking and growling on stage for the first time. The part of Bullseye has a nice speaking part...oh yeah...and he sings too...

Mr. America is getting bigger and BIGGER!

Mr. America is Growing in leaps and bounds....He is a happy, Healthy puppy who is always running around. He loves to play with his brothers and he loves to try new foods.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Chewee is starring in Oliver Twist as "BULLSEYE", Bill Sykes dog. The producer said he is FANTASTIC and he adds a high degree of quality acting to the play. Chewee works with Bill Sykes hand in hand on stage like no other professional team. Bill cues Chewee and together they are the hit of the play.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Chewee receives the Leonberger Therapy Award 4/15

On April 15th Chewee received the Leonberger Therapy Award from the Leonberger Club of America. It was a fantastic evening and an honor to have such a wonderful award bestowed on Chewee.

Recommendation Letter from Executive Director

We recently received a recommendation letter from the the Executive Director of the Merrick Theatre. She said:
" It is with pleasure I write this letter of recommendation for Chewee. Chewee is a friendly and well behaved dog. He played Sandy in our show "ANNIE". He followed his cues with great ease and was focused at all times. When given a direction he followed it without any hesitation. He was wonderful to work with and fun to be around.
We would not hesitate to use him again in any of our productions."
Sincerely, Joanne Rocca, Executive Director


Autumn and Mr. America enjoyed their very first National show together. While Chewee and Zanzibar were in the conformation ring, they were having fun with the photographer Bob. It was Autumn's first birthday and we all celebrated it together at the Nationals. Here she is in her Birthday hat and Mr. America is sporting his own Red, White and Blue hat.