Sunday, May 2, 2010

May 2, 2010 - Multilpe Sclerosis Dog Walk-a-Thon

May 2 - A early morning start at the Belmont Lake State Park for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society Dog Walk a Thon. Furion was very excited to participate from the beginning to the end. He met all types of dogs and people that wanted to pet him and talk to him. This was a great fund raiser that was enjoyed by all. The Long Island Chapter gave tee shirts and dog treats with their motto "Walk to create a world free of MS". It was a beautiful day and a great walk around Belmont Lake. Furion wanted to jump in for a swim but we didn't have time.

May 2, 2010 - Priate Meeting

May 02 - ARRRRRR MATIES!!!!!! Furion meets the pirates on his walk for the National Multiple Sclerosis Dog Walk-a-Thon. The priates were there to donate their dubloons and capture attention. A large crowd of supporters were looking on.

May 2010 - THE NEW RIDE

May 2010 - Furion finally gets his new ride. A new Ford Transit Connect for Furion. Furion, Zanzibar and Apollo will be riding in style. This new truck has more room and a new plush bed and easy on and off access. Don't look comes the puppy mobile.....

May 1, 2010 - The Dog Whisper Book Signing

On May 1st Cesar Milan signed his book for Furion and Zanzibar at the North Shore Animal League Adoption Day Event. Cesar was very excited that Leonbergers will be recognized by the AKC in July 2010. He said he was looking forward to seeing Furion and Zanzibar in dog shows in the furure.

May 1, 2010 - Cesar Milan

On May 1st Furion and Zanzibar spent fun time with Cesar Milan, "The Dog Whisper". The North Shore Animal League had their annual Adoption Day for the sheltered animals and Cesar Milan flew in from California to make a personal appearance. Furion and Zanzibar wanted to share some Leo love so, Zanzibar stole and kiss and Furion went in for the hug. They had a great time playing with the Dog Whisper and showing their support of the adoption of the large dogs as well as the small dogs. A fun time was had by all.