Thursday, March 31, 2011


Annoucing our new puppy....AMERICA.... He is from the Starhaven Kennel in Virginia. He is a very big boy with lots of personality. His registered name is Starhavens Irresistible American Idol. He will be making an appearance at the Leonberger National show in Rhode Island on April 15th and he will also be in competition in a AKC match shows in May. His father is an AKC Grand Champion and was in the Westminster dog show this past Feb. We are very excited about our new little angel so....Watch this blog for more updates....

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Zanzibar and Chewee are ready fot the PARADE!!!

Here is Zanzibar and Chewee ready for the St Patty's Day parade. We have a beautiful Day to march and eat corn beef and cabbage. One of Chewee's favorite meals.


Chewee ACED his audition for the part of "Bullseye" in the play "Oliver Twist". Chewee followed all the directors commands and barked on cue. As you can see the script was in front of him but, he knew his part by heart and didn't even have to read from it. Chewee begins his rehersals and the play will start in May.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

St Patricks Day Parade is COMING!!!

Here is Chewee and Zanzibar sporting their new outfits for the parade on March 19th 2011. Every year we walk in the parade then we have corn beef for dinner. BIG SMILES that day!!


Chewee got a call back audition for March 13th for the play Oliver Twist. Chewee is trying out for the part of Bullseye. Bullseye in Bill Sikes dog in the play. We are crossing our fingers that Chewee gets the part!!!

Mary Carillo Filming with Chewee

Mary Carillo and the NBC crew came to our house and filmed Chewee for the Westminster segment. What a thrill it was and Chewee was in his glory. We had a very long day filming but, the segment was a SUCCESS!!


This is the Wall of Awards that Chewee has accomplished in three years. On this wall there is, his AKC Championship ribbons and CGC certificate along with the Book of Show Dogs. Chewee has accomplished in three years what it take some dogs a life time to acheive. The blue ribbons are first and the red are second place. The purple and orange are first place puppy ribbons.